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New CET3300 Series 40kVA 3 Phase Double Conversion ONLINE UPS View larger

CET3300 Series 40kVA 3 Phase Double Conversion Online UPS

New product

Create Energy 40kVA Robust Three Phase Input / Three Phase Output, On-Line Double Conversion UPS

  • 40kVA / 32000 Watt / 60 Amps Per Phase
  • Internal Batteries
  • Software expandable for growth (10kVA - 40kVA)
  • Made in RSA for RSA Power Conditions
  • Optional Networking and Surge Protection
  • Ideal for servers, data-centres etc

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More details

  • CET3340-3 5 Minutes
  • CET3340-4 8 Minutes

More info

*Product Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

The Create Energy Tower CET3300 Series Double Conversion On-Line UPS Unit is a robust unit manufactured in South Africa for harsh Southern African power conditions.

40kVA CET3340:

  • 40kVA / 40000VA / 32000W (32000 Watts) / 60 Amps Per Phase
  • Software Size Upgradeable for Growth (If you purchase a 10kVA and your business grows, we can upgrade it to a 15, 20, 30 or 40kVA)
  • Efficient Double Conversion ONLINE topology providing the highest reliability, stability, and continous clean power to all critical types of external loads.
  • Ideal for Servers, Data-Centres, Critical network devices, Sensitive electronic equipment, Medical, lighting, telecom and industrial uses
  • Optional Surge Protection
  • Internal Batteries

The CET3300 UPS Range includes the following sizes:

  • 10kVA UPS
  • 15kVA UPS
  • 20kVA UPS
  • 30kVA UPS
  • 40kVA UPS

The 3300 series of UPSs feature:

  • Software expandable for future growth
  • Smart tough screen
  • Low input harmonic distortion
  • Close to unity input power factor
  • Digital signal processor charging
  • DSP controlled rectifier and inverter
  • Built in static switch and Manual bypass

Run-times of CET3340

Model Number of Batteries Encasement 100% Load Backup Time 75% Load Backup Time 50% Load Backup Time
CET3340-3 96 Internal 5 Minutes

7 Minutes

15 Minutes
CET3340-4 128 Internal 8 Minutes 12 Minutes 22 Minutes


CET3300 Series Spec Brochure

Create Energy CET3300 3 Phase Double Conversion ONLINE UPS System Specifications Brochure

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