Delkor Royal N200 12V 225Ah Lead Acid Battery Cranking truck generator
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Delkor Royal N200 12V 225Ah Lead Acid Battery Cranking truck generator

Delkor 12V 225Ah / 200Ah Semi Sealed Maintenance Free Lead Acid Battery N200/72512

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Delkor N200/72512


225Ah / (Same size as 200Ah)

Semi-Sealed Maintenance Free

  • Calcium maintenance free dual purpose battery
  • Low-Resistance envelope separators
  • High strength polypropylene case
  • Heat Sealed covers
  • Exclusive patented liquid gas separator
  • Built in Hygrometer

Delkor N200/72512

Semi-Sealed, Lead Acid, Maintenance Free Standby Battery

12 Volts (12V)

225Ah (Same size as 200Ah)

Semi Sealed Maintenance Free


The Life Expectancy is 180 Cycles from whatever State Of Charge at Beginning of Discharge to 70% Depth of Discharge!


6 Months / 180 Cycles / Loadsheddings (Whichever comes first) in Load Shedding Inverter Application.


Delkor Calcium 


Unique lead/calcium alloy produces a heavy-duty wrought plate that is able to withstand the most arduous conditions. Suitable for the majority of consumer vehicles. Delkor Calcium range of battery offers extra starting power and provides consistently high performance for extended periods of time. Keeps your mind on the activities you need to attend to the day and enjoy a carefree road journey. Choose Delkor Calcium batteries for all vehicles with standard equipment without start-stop functionality.

Key Benefits
  • Preferential choice for all cars with conventional power requirements
  • Made to last longer
  • Convenient maintenance-free battery, no topping up of fluid required
  • Suitable for most vehicles


MODEL: N200/72512
AH(20HR): 225
WIDTH: 276
WEIGHT: 57.2kG


The battery has a 6 month manufacturer’s warranty (carry-in owing to normal use) / 150 - 180 Cycles @ 70 % Depth of Discharge in Inverter / Standby / UPS Use.

Failure to allow sufficient Recharge Time between Loadshedding Events to achieve at least 90 % State of Charge results in ABNORMAL WEAR AND TEAR  due to the battery continuously and repetitively operating in the lower band of State of Charge. An analogy would be operating the Pneumatic Tyres on your car at low pressure (Voltage is "Electrical Pressure")

Fully Discharged Batteries take +- 8 – 16 Hours to fully recharge at the recommended charge rate of 10 % of Capacity. (+-10% of the battery's capacity on a Wet Cell Calcium Battery)

Batteries failing due to deep discharges and not being allowed to FULLY recharge between loadsheddings will result in battery failures which are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Batteries take +- 8 – 16 Hours to fully recharge. (+-10% of the battery's capacity charge)

We highly recommend that you size your battery accordingly to make 8-12 hours runtime
This will mean the battery will be at 50 - 70% state of charge at the end of a loadshedding.

We strongly recommend that non-essential items are turned off during loadshedding.

Batteries with reduced runtimes indicate that the battery is reaching / reached it's end of cycle life and should be replaced

General life in standby use during occasional stage 1 - 2 loadshedding: 1 - 2 Years

Design Life: 3 - 5 Years (In standby use, kept on charge, not discharged)

We strongly recommend that non-essential items are turned off during periods of intense loadshedding. Also, Switch off items like the TV set or your computer when sleeping or absent from home, if possible, place the Inverter Charger in "Rest Mode" (Charge, but Do Not Invert) if absent from home or sleeping. Common Sense Prevails!

Batteries with reduced runtimes indicate that the battery is reaching / or is about to reach it's end of cycle life and you should plan a battery replacement

Product Details
Del N200/72512

Data sheet

Battery Rated Capacity Amp-hour @20 Hr Rate to 1.6Volts per Cell100
Height (mm)235
Width (mm)173
Length (mm)331
Battery Rated Nominal Voltage12
Battery Mass (kg)26
Battery Terminal TypeSAE Post and 1150K Wing Nut
Battery TechnologySemi Sealed Lead Calcium Valve Regulated Stand-By Storage Battery

Specific References

MPNDel N200/72512


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